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Cottage-Style Landscape Design

A cottage-style garden may appear to be naturally crafted and slightly out of control, but in fact, it follows a few simple rules. A landscape design ideas to create a look that will make any home seem like a sweet cottage.

For your cottage garden, always select plants that grow easily in your area. Growing plants from cuttings or divisions that originated with friends and family keep with the spirit of cottage gardens.

Place plants as close together as you can without causing them to smother each other. This style of planting has the benefit of crowding out weeds. Add compost each year so the soil has enough nutrients to support a large plant population. To help with weed control and moisture retention, mulch the beds with organic material that breaks down and adds nutrients to the soil.

A bunch of flowers:

A cottage garden should express both joy and purpose. The original cottage-style landscape designs placed beautiful bloomers of varying heights right next to native plants, herbs, and ornamental vegetables.

Color schemes follow no rules, varying from a soothing pastel plan of pinks, blues, and yellows to an intense riot of reds, oranges, purples, silvers, and more.

Plants with multiple petals, such as roses and peonies, the added the benefit of sweet scent.

Tropical plants look interesting and perform well in many areas, but they don’t particularly fit the cottage style.

Most blooming plants rely on the full or partial sun on to perform well. If you want to grow a cottage garden in a shady location, you may need to tone down your expectations of possible color schemes. Don’t despair; plenty of fine shade plants will give plenty of the texture and informal grace you desire.

Romantic Looks :

Even if you don’t have a  roof, you can give your home a romantic attitude with the right props. A low fence, such as a classic white picket or wrought-iron fence, offers a sense of enclosure and heightened style.

If you have a large garden, space these structures along alternate sides of a pathway so they appear to draw you along.

Relax in outdoor furniture that looks homey and comfortable, not tired and rundown. Country-style painted and weathered wood chairs, antique metal shellback chairs, or acute bistro sets work well in the design scheme.

A cottage-style landscape should feel good to you, not like a burden. Don’t feel like it has to look like a magazine spread. Choose what you love, and the beauty will follow.