301 | Ber

Bengali Name : Boroi
English Name : Ber
Scientific Name : Zizypus mauritiana
Origin : Bangladesh
MOQ : 50 Kg
Season : December-March



tAbout Ber

Ber scientific name is Ziziphus zizyphus. Fruit of a thorny tree, common in South Asia. In English it is commonly referred to as Jujube or Chinese date. Plum trees grow almost everywhere in Bangladesh, on all types of soil. A slightly oval plum is often called a “cool”. Plum tree is a small to medium sized bushy tree. The normal height of plum tree is 12-13 meters. This tree is deciduous in nature i.e. leaves fall in winter, new leaves come in spring.


The branches of the plum tree are upward. The tree flowers in the season in September – October of the year. Fruits in winter. Fruit round, small to medium. The fruit is small in size, about 2.5 cm. When the fruit ripens, the color changes from yellow to red. People eat both raw and ripe. The taste is sour and raw sweet. You can store it by drying in the sun. Chutney is prepared by drying ripe plums.

Types of Varity

Among the different varieties of plums are:

1) Desi sour Boroi

2) Coconut Kul

3) Apple Kul

4) BAU Kul

5) Thai Kul etc.

Trees can be planted in fallen areas, roofs or balconies. Again, its gardening is also very profitable. This sweet and sour fruit has a lot of vitamin C. Plums are also rich in various herbs and nutritional qualities.

Nutritional value

It contain a lot of vitamin C, mineral salts, calcium, phosphorus, iron etc. Plums also have many other nutritional properties.

Calories 29 kilo calories

Non-vegetarian 0.05 grams

0.10 grams of fat

Carbohydrates 7.00 g

Fiber 1.70 grams

Potassium 192 mg

Source of antioxidants

These are an excellent source of antioxidants. In the presence of which oxygen cannot react with any other element and damage the body cells. It is rich in anthocyanins.

Increase immunity

Due to the presence of vitamins and antioxidants in plum, it increases the immunity of the body. It also protects the body from seasonal diseases like fever, cold, cough.

Besides, the vitamin C contained in it protects the body from infectious diseases and various sores.

Help keep the heart healthy

Ber keeps the heart healthy. Because it contains polyphenols which help to avoid cardiovascular risk. And plums help maintain normal blood circulation, thereby keeping the heart active.

Regulating blood sugar levels

It contain chlorogenic acid. This acid helps balance blood sugar and controls appetite.

And the fiber content in it does not allow blood sugar to rise and keeps it under control.

Reducing the risk of heart disease

The presence of phytochemicals in plums reduces inflammation in the body. This reduces the risk of heart disease. And plum also protects us from other heart diseases.

Protecting the body from cancer attack

Plums have the ability to fight cancer cells, tumor cells and leukemia. It is called an anti-cancer fruit.

To purify the blood

Plums help purify the blood. Purifies the blood by reducing the risk of high blood pressure and purifies the blood.

It protects the body from diarrhoea, anemia, obesity etc.

Making the liver functional

It helps to prevent various types of diseases. Keeps the liver clean, and enhances its performance.

Aid in digestion

Plum helps in digestion of food. Plums contain enzymes that aid digestion.

So eating plums on a full stomach plays an important role in food digestion.

Relief from sadness

Plums contain substances that help ward off anxiety and depression. Plums have the power to refresh the body and mind.

Making the brain active and more active

The high polyphenol content of barley helps the brain to function. And as a result the cognitive function of the body is improved.

Enhance the taste of food

Plum pickles and chutneys are very tasty. They can be consumed with daily meals. This in turn enhances the taste of the food.

Protecting bones and preventing osteoporosis

The calcium content in plums helps prevent bone loss. Dryness also helps in recovering damaged bones.

 Freedom from insomnia

Consuming plums relieves insomnia and sleeplessness. The powerful chemical in it calms the brain, resulting in better sleep.

Eliminate constipation

Plum cleanses the stomach. If one has constipation, he should eat more plums. Constipation is relieved by eating large amounts.

Employment through Ber orchards

Employment can be created by plum orchard. Besides, one can become self-reliant by doing plum business.

Earn by processing plums

There is a good business by processing plum pickles, jams, jellies etc. These products have a good demand in the market.

Variety Selection:

Bari Kul-1: It is known as coconut variety. It is a suitable variety for cultivation in north and south-western regions of the country, especially in Rajshahi and Khulna areas. The fruit is large in size, weighing an average of 23 grams and long.

Bari Kul-2: The variety is good for cultivation in northern regions but can be cultivated elsewhere in the country. Fruits are large and oval in shape.

Bari Kul-3: Discovered by Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (Bari). It is an advanced breed. Fruits are large, round, yellowish green in color, juicy and sweet. Suitable for cultivation all over the country. Brix value is 14%. Yield per cent (kg) : 88 – 100, yield per hectare (tons) : 22-25.

Bau kul-1: Fruits are very large in size (average 90 grams). The amount of sweetness is also very high. matures early. I all over the country.

Bau Kul-2: Discovered by Bangladesh Agricultural University. It is an advanced breed. Fruits are large, oval, yellow in color. Good storage capacity. Brix value is 22-24%. Yield per cent (kg) : 80 – 100, yield per hectare (tons) : 20-25.

Apple Kul: Professor of Horticulture Department of Bangabandhu Agricultural University. Developed by Mofazzal Hossain and approved by National Seed Board. The cool is named apple cool because of its apple-like color. It is much better than other cools for its sweet taste.



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