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Bengali Name : Supari
English Name : Betel Nut
Scientific Name : Areca catechu
Origin : Bangladesh
MOQ : 30 Kg
Season : All Season


Beware to be addicted Betel Nut

Betel Nut (English: Areca nut) is a fruit of the Areca genus in the Ericaceae family. Its scientific name is Areca catechu. Their globular, hard seeds are ground into betel nut. It is a harmful and addictive substance. Some people get addicted to just eating this nuts.

Expansion of Betel Nut grow

Betel nut is one of the major cash crops of Bangladesh. Many scientist believe that the  plant’s origin is in the Philippines. .This nut cultivates  in many countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, China, etc. In coastal areas of Bangladesh especially Bagerhat, Pirojpur, Jhalkathi, Barisal, Patuakhali, Barguna, Noakhali, Lakshmipur, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar. Etc. These trees also grow in Rangpur in North Bengal. Farmers plant the trees in garden form, around houses or by ponds.

The trunk of the tree

It is a large tree with monocotyledonous simple stem. The tree is about 20-25 meters tall; Round stem diameter 4 to 7 inches. Betel leaves are long; The midrib is quite stout; On both sides of the midrib are arranged green leaflets like the teeth of a comb; But it is wider and softer than coconut and dates. Leaves have no thorns. Adheres to long petioles or open stems.


These are oval to round, small. The color of the unripe fruit is green, turning yellow or orange when ripe. There are many fruits in tears. People eat the fruits raw or ripe. Peeled beech seeds that are smooth inside. This nuts also eat dry. Even it eats by cutting into small pieces.

It is difficult to find people in our country who do not know betel nut. Because since ancient times there is nothing else beside grandfather and grandmother, betel nut cutting journey but must be seen.

Since then, the popularity of betel nut has remained the same. Nowadays, eating betel nuts has become more and more popular. The nut called beetle in English is currently being produced in many countries of the world including Bangladesh.

What is betel nut?

Actually this is a cash crop in our country. Currently, unemployed youths in many parts of the country are earning a lot of foreign exchange by cultivating betel leaves. Along with being economically independent.

Betel trees look tall like coconut trees. Due to the presence of acetic acid in it, experts advise to consume less of it. Because it gets hot if you play it too much.

Benefits of eating betel nut:

In our country, the trend of betel nuts use in various rituals. Betel nut is a very popular food among those who have become a bit older in today’s society. On the day of puja-archana in Hindu tradition, they decorate these nuts beautifully. On the day of Lakshmi Puja, these are more popular, as betel nuts are a very favorite food of Mother Lakshmi.

Betel nut helps reduce the risk of stroke by:

Betel leaves contain a variety of effective flavonoids that protect us from the risk of stroke. Friends, many of you eat betel nut without knowing it, but this contains certain chemicals that increase the blood circulation in our blood and keep us away from stroke.

Benefits of betel nut as an antidote to schizophrenia:

The anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories in betel leaves keep us mentally energized. So those suffering from schizophrenia or mental disorders, you can develop the habit of eating these nuts. Due to eating it, our mental disturbance will go out easily.

Benefits to prevent tooth decay:

The anthelmintic effects (destroying parasites) contained in it helps to protect our teeth from various decays. Many people think that eating betel nuts causes tooth decay. The truth is that if you eat too much of this nut, your teeth will decay. But by eating a small amount of this nut, you can keep your dental floss healthy.

Benefits to reduce nausea:

Many women suffer from vomiting, especially during pregnancy. If you develop the habit of eating this nut at this time, then your tendency to vomit will decrease.

Besides, those who develop the habit of eating a small amount of betel nut every day, their appetite will increase and various physical problems like……

blistered lips,

aversion to food,

You will get rid of these problems of not digesting food.

So friends, until now we who were eating this without knowing the benefits of eating betel nuts, I hope that by reading my report today, you have understood the benefits of eating betel nuts.

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