303 | Burmese Grape

Bengali Name : Lotkon
English Name : Burmese Grape
Scientific Name : Baccaurea sapida
Origin : Bangladesh
MOQ : 30 Kg
Season : June-July



Burmese Grape¬† (scientific name Baccaurea motleyana) is a type of sweet and sour fruit. Burmese Grape is known by various names, such as Rambai, Rambi, Mafai-farang, Lamkhae, Ra mai etc. The plant grows wild in South Asia. Farmers in Bangladesh¬† commercially cultivate , Malaysia and Thailand. The fruit is popularly known as “Bubi” or “Bubi” in Bangladesh and Northeast India. Moreover, there are regional names like “Latka” “Ashphal” etc. The fruit is abundantly grown in the Tripura Cachar region of Bangladesh. Although usually a sweet fruit, the fruit of this tree has a sour taste in shaded areas. It matures during Asadha Shravana month. Along with bananas, pineapples and coconuts, “harirlut” (fruit distribution) is one of the fruits of “Bubi” and harirluts in the Rath Yatra festival of Asadha.

Color of the Burmese Grape

The English name of which is Burmese grape and the scientific name is Baccaurea sapida. It is a medium-sized evergreen tree. Fruits are spherical capsules, yellow in color when ripe. Peeling the fruit yields 3/4 juicy sweet-sour seeds.

Types of Tree :

The Burmese Grape tree is 9-12 m tall, with a glabrous trunk and bushy upper part. Male and female plants are separate; So that there are different types of yellow flowers, both types of flowers are fragrant. Fruits are two to five cm in size, borne in clusters. Fruit color is yellow. The result is 2-5 seeds, the seeds have a juicy fleshy part attached to them, which is sour or sweet-sour in taste depending on the variety. People can eat the fruit directly or make into jam.  Sometimes farmers make Dye from its bark which helps to dye silk yarn. Its wood is of poor quality. It grows well in shaded areas.


Lotcon has several names; Such as Harfata, Bugi, Dubi, Bubi, Kanaiju, Latka, Latkau, Kiyan etc.

Cultivation Place in Bangladesh

Burmese Grape was once in the list of non-traditional fruits in Bangladesh. Currently, its commercial production is on a large scale. With the increase in the cultivation of improved varieties of Sumis Latkan, its popularity has also increased. It is widely used as a fruit. At present it is being cultivated in certain places of Bangladesh such as Narsingdi, Sylhet, Gazipur, Netrakona and Mymensingh districts. Among them, most it is cultivated in Sadar, Shibpur, Raipura and Belab upazilas of Narsingdi district. The taste of Narsingdi Burmese Grape is very high and it is in great demand all over the country. Latkan is an indigenous and exotic fruit, which is rich in nutrients and medicinal properties.

Nutritional value of Burmese Grape

Burmese Grape is a very nutritious and delicious fruit. Per 100 grams of ripe latcon shell contains 1.42 grams of fat, 0.45 grams of fat, 0.9 grams of total minerals, 0.3 grams of iron and 91 kilocalories of energy. (Iron which increases the amount of hemoglobin in the body’s blood) Lotcon also contains 0.03 mg of vitamin B1 and 0.19 mg of vitamin B2. Generally, Burmese Grape is said to be a fruit rich in vitamin B2.¬†Vitamin B2 is a very important vitamin, which is a very essential element for the body. As a result, people of all ages can safely eat it as it is very low in fat and has no sugar.

Medicinal properties of Burmese Grape

Latkan has nutritional properties as well as its medicinal properties. Eating this fruit relieves nausea and quenches thirst. Also, dried and powdered Burmese Grape leaves reduce diarrhea and mental stress. It is a sweet fruit so eating this fruit increases the taste in our mouth and increases the taste of food. Also, it has sufficient iron or iron content, so the body’s anemia is eliminated.

Improved cultivars of Burmese Grape, soil and planting season

We should plant good and advanced varieties of saplings or grafts . Bari Burmese Grape-1 is the best variety of Burmese Grape and this variety is cultivated all over the country. Also there is Bau Lotcon-1. It is best to collect  seedlings and plant them in the month of Baisakh-Jaishtha, even farmers can plant in the end of monsoon i.e. in the month of Bhadra-Ashwin. The fruit grows well in moist and partially shaded environments such as under large trees such as mango or jackfruit but cannot tolerate waterlogging. If water accumulates for 8-10 days, the plant may die. That is why sandy-loam soil is more suitable for Burmese Grape cultivation in areas where water does not stand but rainfall is high.

Pendants are short-term results. This fruit is available in the market during monsoon. Now this fruit is found everywhere on the roads. Burmese Grape has ingredients that cure various complex and difficult diseases including colon cancer. Therefore, doctors give advise to eat a lot of Burmese Grape to stay healthy at this time. Most importantly, Lotcon does not contain any harmful ingredients. Young and old can eat this fruit. Let’s now know about the incredible health benefits of Lotkon.

Increases immunity

Vitamin C is unmatched for boosting immunity. Similarly, the role of vitamin C is very important in keeping the mind and mood cheerful. Therefore, eating Burmese Grape rich in vitamin C will run away from diseases and will not allow new diseases to take root in the body. So, to keep yourself healthy, you have to eat this healthy fruit regularly. Eating just 2-3 Burmese Grapes daily will make up for the daily vitamin C deficiency  Nutritionists think so. Also, every 100 grams of latcon contains 1.42 grams of protein and 0.45 grams of fat. Which helps in increasing immunity.

Rich in minerals

Although the the fruit is small in size, it contains various minerals including potassium, calcium, chromium, magnesium. 9 grams of calcium per 100 grams of fruits, Contains magnesium, potassium and chromium. And these ingredients are very useful to keep the body healthy. Besides, iron is very useful for blood and bone formation. The presence of iron is 5.34 mg per 100 grams of fruit.

Vitamin B rich fruits

It is rich in vitamin B-1 and vitamin B-2. Fruit contains 10.04 mg of vitamin B-1 and 0.20 mg of vitamin B-2. The pendant keeps away beriberi disease. It is an ideal food for those suffering from physical weakness, palpitations, pain in hands and feet, chapped lips and feet, sore lips and mouth and recurrent dry throat.

Has a lot of calories

Calorie content in 100 grams of fruit is 92. Where 100 grams of jackfruit contains 46 calories. That is, there are twice as many calories as jackfruit in this little latcon. People who work a lot or suffer from weakness will get strength in their body by playing Burmese Grape regularly.

Reduces the risk of colon cancer

Vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, potassium are abundant in Burmese Grape. Researchers have confirmed that these ingredients reduce the risk of colon cancer in the human body. So this monsoon fruit should be eaten in large quantities.

The seeds and leaves are medicinal

The seeds act as an antidote to ‘gonorrhea’. Also, the powder of the leaves of the Burmese Grape tree is very useful in curing diarrhea. Along with the fruit, eating the leaves and roots of Burmese Grape cures various stomach ailments and fever.




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