118 | Mini Bitter Gourd

Bengali Name : uschey/soto korolla
English Name : Mini Bitter Gourd
Scientific Name : Momordica charantia
Origin : Bangladesh
MOQ : 100 Kg
Season : March-May


Mini Bitter Gourd Cultivation

Bitter Gourd (ucchya or korolla) primarily a summer vegetable, Momordica charantea, a native of Bangladesh. The crop is rich in carotene, calcium and iron; can be grown in any type of soil but loamy to sandy loamy soils are preferred for better growth and quality fruit. Seeds are directly sown in the field. Sometimes seedlings are raised and 15-20 days old seedlings are transplanted in the main field during March to May.

Ucchya, the smaller ones, has no specific local variety but the larger one, Karala, has a local variety known as Gaj Karalla. The yield of Ucchya is about 5 m tons/ha and Karala 15-18 m tons/ha. Bitter gourd is consumed by making curry or frying. It is available different size  in Bangladesh all over the year.  There are two kinds of  Bitter gourd in Bangladesh. That is korolla & Ucchaya. Although the bitterness of Bitter gourd might turn some people away, it can really sweeten your health because of its disease preventing and health promoting phyto chemical.

Bitter gourd is cultivated throughout the year. It has local improved varieties as well as BARRI and hybrid varieties of the bitter vegetable.

Bitter gourd can be obtained from the tree within 40 days of sowing the seed and farmers can collect them for more than a month. Using organic manure and other fertilizers and pesticides, up to 60 mounds of bitter gourd can be harvested per bigha of land.

Mini Bitter Gourd Recipe

Korola Bhaja is a simple stir fried dish popular in Bengali Cuisine. Korola is Bitter Gourd and Bhaja refers to deep fried or stir fried. We serve Korola Bhaja in the beginning of the meal, and we eat it with plain steamed white rice.

Korola Bhaja is yet another simple side dish that we serve at the beginning of the meal. We sometime also refer to it as ucche bhaja. Bitter is referred to as “teto” in Bengali, and it plays a very important part in Bengali everyday meal.

Bengali meal is a feast every day, and it often starts with something bitter. Especially during peak summer months. Bitter is known to cleanse our body and keep infection away.


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