314 | Papaya

Bengali Name : Pepe
English Name : Papaya
Scientific Name : Carica Papaya
Origin : Bangladesh
MOQ : 100 Kg
Season : All Season



Papaya is a Popular fruit in Bangladesh

It is a small evergreen tree. The long-bottled leaves are quite large and spirally arranged on the upper part of the stem. Flowering and fruiting almost throughout the year. Unripe fruits are green, ripe fruits are yellow or yellow in color. It is also used as food. Can be eaten both raw and cooked; But raw vegetables and ripe fruits. The unripe fruit is dark green on the outside and orange with a ripe peel. In Chittagong region it is known as “Haiya”.There is no place in Bangladesh where papaya is not available. The benefits of papaya are many. This fruit is a vegetable or fruit that is very beneficial for our body. It is a vegetable and ripe fruit. This is why it is called the king of fruits. Papaya is rich in minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are beneficial for health.

Papaya helps to remove acne and black spots

Ripe papaya is a very important ingredient for removing dark spots. Take a piece of ripe papaya and rub it well on the affected area. Keep it for half an hour, then wash it off with water. Do this 3/4 times a week. The papain present in papaya removes dead skin cells and brightens skin tone.

Let’s know the benefits of papaya in beauty

1. This fruit contains vitamin A and a type of protein that helps remove dead skin cells.

2. Blending raw papaya in a blender and applying it regularly all over the face will reduce acne problems and remove acne scars.

3.  The fruit’s paste helps in smoothing feet by removing cracked feet. Papaya peel should be applied on face skin, hands or feet. Skin will become brighter with regular use.
Applying it’s juice regularly on the skin of the face will remove the age marks on the skin.⇒ Mix papaya paste and honey together and apply on the face for 15 minutes. The dryness of the skin will disappear and the skin will be soft.⇒ Applying this paste or papaya juice on hair before shampooing hair can get rid of dandruff problem.

Papaya helps to increase digestion

Digestive disorders are a widespread problem. When the digestive power is reduced, heartburn occurs, the mouth becomes swollen, stomach ache begins. Sometimes it’s a pain in the chin, sometimes it’s a terrible pain. Sometimes the stool is not clear and sometimes the stomach is upset.

The body becomes weak, lethargy occurs in the body. This fruit is rich in enzymes that help in digestion. Also has a lot of water and soluble fiber. As a result, people who suffer from digestive problems can regularly eat ripe or raw papaya.

Papaya helps to cure blood dysentery

Blood dysentery is a very big problem of the body. 5/7 drops of raw papaya paste should be mixed with 5/6 drops of water every morning. Bleeding will reduce after 2/3 days.

Papaya removes Stomach Pain

If you have dysentery and stomach pain, mix 30 drops of raw papaya paste and 1 spoon of lime water and drink it with a little milk. Eating once will reduce stomach pain and reduce dysentery. The fruit’s gum has a strange power to get rid of dysentery.

Liver growth

If this is the case, mix 30 drops of papaya gum with one spoon of sugar in one cup of water and mix well and eat the mixture 3 times a day. After 4/5 days the growth of liver will decrease, but after 5/6 days it is better to eat 2 days a week. By playing this way for 1 month, you will get good results.

Increases immunity

This fruit is rich in vitamins A, C and E. These vitamins increase immunity and eliminate various problems in the body. Besides, it contains a lot of vitamin A which is beneficial for the eyes.

Papaya prevent diabetes

It is an excellent fruit for diabetics due to its low sugar content. People who do not have diabetes should include papaya in their daily diet. This super fruit prevents diabetes.

To prevent bone pain

Papaya is rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium and copper, regular consumption of fruit helps the body produce calcium which strengthens bones and reduces pain.

To reduce stress

A plate of fruit can remove the tiredness of the whole day in an instant. Vitamin C in it reduces stress. According to the University of Alabama, 200 mg of vitamin C per day should be included in our diet to help reduce stress.

Prevents cancer

This super fruit is very beneficial for the body. It contains proteolytic enzymes. This ingredient helps in protein digestion. It also plays a role in curing cancer, so it is better to eat papaya raw instead of cooking it.

Papaya is also rich in antioxidants, flavonoids that inhibit the formation of cancer cells in the body. A study by Harvard School of Public Health’s Department showed that papaya’s beta-carotene content prevents colon cancer, prostate cancer.

If the body is dry

There is no reason why many people are facing such a condition that the body is drying unnecessarily. The incidence of this symptom is high especially in young people. It comes with symptoms like body fatigue, a depressed mood, reluctance to study or work. Constipation is often associated with this. Whether raw or cooked. Eat a few pieces every day in the morning and afternoon. Eat regularly for at least one month.

To reduce high blood pressure

Raw papaya works in proper blood supply to our body. Helps to eliminate the sodium accumulated in our body which is responsible for heart diseases. Most people develop blood pressure problems after the age of forty-forty-five years. Blood pressure may increase or decrease. High blood pressure causes various symptoms.

In case of a sudden fall, any part of the body is likely to become useless, numbness is seen in the body. People with high blood pressure can use raw or ripe papaya. Both are beneficial. But eat a few pieces and regularly.  It is expected that regular consumption of papaya will help to get rid of high blood pressure. It even solves any heart problem.

Filaria disease

Filaria is a mosquito-borne disease. Parts of the plant helps to cure various symptoms of filariasis. Collect some papaya leaves and boil them well in hot water. Use regularly of the paste for a few days, the symptoms of filariasis will reduce a lot.

To prevent irregular menstruation

Consuming papaya will make your irregular periods regular. So those who have menstrual problems can eat papaya regularly.

Respiratory health

It has many roles in respiratory health. Regular consumption it helps reduces respiratory problems.

Reduces cholesterol

It contains fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants that help prevent cholesterol build-up in the arteries. Fatty deposits in the arteries can also lead to heart attacks. Also eating raw papaya reduces fat, it has no bad cholesterol, fat or fat. Fat people can eat without worry.




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