206 | Radish Leaves

Bengali Name : Mula Shak
English Name : Radish Leaves
Scientific Name : Raphanus Sativus
Origin : Bangladesh
MOQ : 30 Kg
Season : All Season


Radish Leaves

The health benefits of radish leaves are varied ranging from treating diabetes to rheumatism. It contains essential vitamins and minerals and it also acts as a detoxifying agent. The high iron and phosphorus content of radish leaves increases immunity and reduces fatigue. It also contains fiber that helps in digestive process.

Why we ignore Radish Leaves

Whenever it comes to radishes, we stop at the root and do not consider the leaves at all. Looking at the coarse, hairy and prickly texture of radish leaves, our inconsideration of them might seem justified but we miss out on the tons of nutrients that radish leaves possess.

Various Recipe

Radish Leave can use in a variety of ways in cooking. They can be sauteed with and used as a side dish. They can be chopped up and used as toppings for soups, noodles and even in salads and sandwiches.

Store of Vitamins

Greens Radish Leaves is a vegetable that is full of thousands of benefits than it is good to eat. Radish Leaves contains a large amount of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E and vitamin B complex all due to which our body can develop any disease due to lack of vitamins.  Being rich in minerals like calcium magnesium iron folic acid solves any bone related problems in our body no bone loss occurs and helps keep our teeth strong all the time.

 To reduce pain:

Currently we do how much we do to reduce the pain in our body, but many of us do not know why the pain occurs. The pain occurs in different ways. Maybe there is bone loss inside us which causes pain. To get rid of all the pains in the body, we should eat radish greens regularly. Due to the abundance of Calcium Magnesium Nitrate Iron Ferric Oxide in Radish, no pain can settle in our body and protects our body from any pain easily.

To maintain normal blood pressure:

Nowadays many people think that it is very difficult to maintain normal blood pressure in our body. But if we maintain something then it helps to maintain normal blood pressure in our body. Again, if the pressure is completely reduced, the damage to our body is currently a lot of people suffering from this problem. But if we eat regular this vegetable, our body to keep the blood pressure normal.

Blood Cleanser:

Currently all disease germs virus source house or origin if we talk about it but it is created from our blood. Are all the disease germs in our blood spread all over our body and attack our whole body if our blood is strong our blood of course. All the diseases, germs and viruses cannot nest in our blood And can’t harm us if we regularly eat radish as a food because of its high amount of carotene which is able to clean our blood and eliminate any viruses and germs from the blood.

Increase Digestion System:

If we lose our digestive power then we will fall into various problems. We will not be able to digest any food easily due to lack of digestion our body will have gas heartburn indigestion indigestion we will face thousands of difficulties in proper digestion of our body. If we can’t do it, our body will not get the nutritional value of any food And our body will slowly deteriorate due to not being able to collect food nutrients, but if we regularly eat Radish Leaves as food, then the fiber content of radish helps us digest food very easily.


Radish leaves help prevent scurvy. It is not surprising that it does because it contains a high amount of Vitamin C.

Radish leaves can treat piles

Piles are very painful and radish leaves have properties that can help treat this painful condition. Owing to the antibacterial properties that they contain, radish leaves have also been seen to decrease swelling and inflammation.


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