124 | Stolon of Taro

Bengali Name : Kochur Loti
English Name : Stolon of Taro
Scientific Name : colocasia esculenta
Origin : Bangladesh
MOQ : 50 Kg
Season : All Season
Peak Time : July-October


Stolon of Taro is very Popular vegetable

Stolon of Taro is very popular vegetable in our country. It is called in locally “Lati”. Currently, Lati is being exported abroad to meet the needs of the country. Kachur Lati is basically¬† born in water. It has a lot of nutrients.

Lati is sold for Tk 70-80 per kg in the market. Latiraj Kachu cultivation is very easy to make profit. Let’s know the cultivation method of Latiraj Kachur.


Kachur Lati grows well in warm climates. The land should be moderately low for rainwater harvesting. Lati kachu can grow well in low light or shade. Yields best in full sun. Kochur Lati can be cultivated in almost all types of soil, but it is best to cultivate Coochur Lati in silty loam and sandy loam soils.


There are several varieties of kachur lati in our country. These varieties produce small trees, small leaves and thin, narrow and long stems. The stems of advanced varieties are long and thick and gnarled, short and thick, shaggy and fleshy, and melt quickly.

Bari Pani Kachu 1 and Bari Pani Kachu-2 are two improved Panikachu varieties developed in the country. These two varieties are good varieties for Lati production.

Benefits to eat :

  • Kachur Lati has a lot of water. That’s why a lot of lati can be kept in the daily food list.
  • The fiber of Kachur Lati removes waste from the body, helps in digestion of food.
  • Those who want to lose weight quickly can eat a lot of Lati.
  • Lati has less sugar content than Mukhi or Kachu. As a result, those who avoid sugar can eat a lot of sugar.
  • A lot of calcium strengthens the bone structure.
  • Iodine and vitamin-B contained in it keeps the brain healthy. Keeps skin and hair good.
  • ¬†Vitamin-C present in the leaves increases the immune system of the human body.
  • ¬†There is a lot of iron in Kachur Lati. Kachur Lati can be a good food for those suffering from anemia.
  • It is also rich in fiber, folate, thiamine.
  • Cholesterol lowers blood cholesterol levels.
  • Works to prevent colon cancer and breast cancer. But it is better to feed children with more oil. It reduces the risk of night blindness.

Harmful aspects of Kachur Lati

1. Turmeric contains oxalates. So even after cooking, in some cases the throat is a bit itchy. So mix some lemon juice while eating kachur lati curry.

2. In many cases eating kachu causes allergy and digestive problems in the body. In this case, those who have such problems should not eat kachu.

3. In addition, those suffering from heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol problems or suffering from high blood pressure (high blood pressure) should avoid shrimps and prawns while eating a lot of lati.


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