320 | Velvet Apple

Bengali Name : Gab
English Name : Velvet Apple
Scientific Name : Diospyros Blancoi
Origin : Bangladesh
MOQ : 30 Kg
Season : May-June



Velvet Apple Tree Morphology

Velvet Apple trees can grow up to 35 meters tall. Its trunk is black, with a diameter of 70 cm. can be up to Its color is dark red when ripe. The surface of the shell is velvety. The inside of the fruit is soft, with a creamy white or pink skin. The taste and aroma is very similar to a peach.  These fruits are round, about the size of an apple. About 3-4 inches long and 2-4 inches in diameter and weighing from 100 grams to 500 grams. It is widely marketed and a popular fruit.


Per 100 grams of edible gab contains 504 kcal of energy, 83 to 84 grams of water, 2.8 grams of fat, 0.2 grams of fat, 11.88 grams of sugar, 1.8 grams of dietary fiber, 11.47 grams of sugar, 46 mg calcium, 35 IU vitamin-A, 18 mg phosphorus, 0.6 mg iron, 0.2 mg thiamin, 18 mg vitamin-C, 110 mg sodium, 303 mg potassium.

Velvet Apple is a well-known native fruit. It is a delicious, sweet and juicy fruit. Velvet Apple fruit is very common in appearance but not at all in nutritional value and taste. Rather, it has more nutritional value than other expensive fruits. These nutritional properties of Velvet Apple protect our body from various diseases. Raw and cooked Velvet Apple is beneficial for diabetic patients. Delicious Velvet Apple also has many nutritional benefits. This fruit prevents various diseases starting from diabetes, heart disease.

There are many Velvet Appletrees in our country. At one time, cow was found everywhere in villages and towns. This fruit was not of much economic importance. But nowadays in urban areas, hawkers sell Velvet Applefrom their vans. Velvet Appleis also available in many elite fruit shops. And the demand for the incomparable taste of Velvet Appleis increasing day by day. Considering the taste and nutrition, everyone can keep this seasonal fruit in their diet.

Reduces physical weakness:

Due to its high nutritional value, Velvet Apple reduces physical weakness. Calcium in Velvet Apple makes bones strong. Guava also plays an important role in controlling blood pressure and diabetes.

Reduces the risk of cancer: Relieves constipation due to its high fiber content. It reduces the risk of various intestinal diseases and colon cancer.

Boosts Immunity:

Guava is rich in vitamin ‘C’ and ‘A’. They increase antioxidants, reduce harmful radicals for the skin and increase immunity in the body. These two vitamins are anti-aging, effective in preventing complex diseases and healthy skin.

Improves Blood Circulation:

The iron present in Velvet Apple improves red blood cells in the body. Increases oxygen flow to vital body tissues. It also improves muscle building, hair growth and digestion.

Reduces Hypertension:

Improves blood circulation due to high potassium content. It maintains blood flow in the body, reduces stress on the cardiovascular system and even helps lower blood pressure. The fiber in it reduces cholesterol in the body. Also helps reduce the risk of blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

Aids in digestion:

Due to its high fiber content in gaba, it also helps in improving digestion, relieving constipation and other gastric problems.

Skin Care:

Eating guava or using cosmetic products made from it reduces skin inflammation. Velvet Apple provides relief from colds and coughs, prevents blood clots in the chest and relieves asthma. It improves the immune system due to its high content of vitamins and minerals. Bark of Velvet Appletree is very useful in dysentery and stomach ailments.


Each 100 grams of edible Velvet Apple contains food energy 504 kcal, water content 83.0 to 84.3 grams, fat 2.8 grams, fat 0.2 grams, sugars 11.8 grams, dietary fiber 1.8 grams, sugar 11. 47 grams, Calcium 46 mg, Vitamin A 35 IU, Phosphorus 18 mg, Iron 0.6 mg, Thiamin 0.02 mg, Vitamin C 18 mg, Sodium 110 mg, Potassium 303 mg. These nutritional properties of Velvet Appleprotect our body from various diseases.





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