129 | Wax Gourd

Bengali Name : Jali kumra/chal kumra
English Name : Ash Gourd/Wax Gourd
Scientific Name : Benincasa hispida
Origin : Bangladesh
MOQ : 100 Kg
Season : All Season
Peak Season : April-October



Wax Gourd is one of the most common vegetables that is incredibly rich in essential antioxidants and vitamins. This humble backyard vegetable is low in calories but high in vitamin A and flavonoid polyphenolic antioxidants such as lutein, xanthines and carotenes. Gourds are a rich source of many antioxidant vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

It contains protein, carbohydrates, vitamin C, minerals, fiber, fat, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, cholesterol, iron, zinc, and phosphorus.

The medicinal properties of this popular pumpkin remove nutritional deficiencies in the body. Besides, its greens and leaves are equally useful in controlling various diseases. Today we will discuss the benefits of rice pumpkin in detail.

1. Removes stomach problems:

Wax Gourd is great for all stomach and intestinal problems. Its antimicrobial agents help eliminate harmful bacteria in the stomach and intestines.

Excessively spiced food and prolonged starvation can produce acid in the stomach. It leads to gastrointestinal infection or ulcer. Rice pumpkin curry helps in eliminating the acid responsible for ulcers.

2. Fixes brain diseases:

Wax Gourd jam relieves dizziness, hot flashes, sleep problems, epilepsy, and insanity. If you feel light-headed, if you have trouble remembering anything, mix 2-3 grams of dried husk of rice and pumpkin seeds with a little honey. As it cools the brain nerves of mental patients, rice pumpkin is called brain food in one word.

3. Heals heart disease:

Halwa is unique in solving heart disease and heart enlargement problems. The patient should be given cooked rice and pumpkin halwa, of course it should be made with goat’s milk. Cow’s milk cannot be given, it will increase the problem.

4. Cures the symptoms of tuberculosis:

Consuming Wax Gourd juice daily can help reduce the symptoms of tuberculosis. Pumpkin juice is a great medicine to stop bleeding especially with cough. For this juice should be consumed daily, it will stop the bleeding. 3-4 teaspoons of juice should be mixed with little sugar and it is better to give the juice of Basak leaves.

5. Cures Jaundice:

Wax Gourd can reduce Jaundice quickly by eating fresh rice and curry. Or dry  pieces in the sun to powder or make marmalade and get benefits.

6. Helps reduce weight and fat:

Wax Gourd but helps in reducing excess weight and fat. Eating high-calorie food increases weight, and there is a possibility of various fatal diseases. Wax Gourd curry can be eaten as an alternative to high calorie meals. It does not block blood vessels, does not cause indigestion, and keeps the body fit.

7. Controls Diabetes:

halwa, or its seed laddu keeps diabetes under control.


People believe that the origin of the wax gourd is  to  Southeast Asia and Indonesia. Records of this kind of use in China date back to 500 AD. Today, wax gourds grow in tropical lowlands, both in the Americas and the Old World, at altitudes up to 1,300 m (4,000 ft).


It is edible fruit. Chinese people use wax gourd¬† as a cooker. The tender vine tips and seedlings discarded during thinning can be cooked and eaten as vegetables. Like pumpkin seeds, you can also fry the seeds to eat. As the name “tallow gourd” suggests, the waxy pericarp can use to make candles.


Wax Gourds are annual plants.  Farmers can produce it  from seed. Wax gourd seeds are highly preservable and long-lived. It can survive up to 10 years. Germination occurs in 1-2 weeks. Plant seeds in widely spaced mounds or rows. Thin out seedlings in rows 1.2 to 2.0 m (3.5 to 6 ft) apart. Gourds grow in many different types of soil. Gourds are drought tolerant, but may need watering if rainfall is low and the soil is coarse. Fertilizing before planting or fertilizing after planting will provide the nutrients needed to promote abundant growth of vines and fruit. Wax gourds grow in temperate climates and can  grow in subtropical areas during the summer months.  It can grow all year round in tropical regions. Farmers can plant  and harvest up to three times a year.

Harvest and seed production

The wax gourd fruit has two basic forms, depending on the variety. Elongated or round. It has excellent durability. People store ripe  gourd  on the shelf or bag in a cool, dry environment for 4 to 6 months. The fruit, ripe about five months after planting, can harvest slightly immature or left to fully ripen, depending on the application.


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