As the day progresses, the air quality of the city area worsens day by day. The industrial toxic gas, CO2 from vehicles makes the air dangerous and toxic for breathing and it’s like a slow poison that city dwellers are inhaling. It is true that rooftop gardening and small-scale veranda gardening maybe not change the environment overnight but it enhances the air quality and supplies oxygen well enough to survive for a lot of people. Even if, it is a tiny amount but it means a lot for healthy living. Recently, due to the high demand for rooftop gardening, newer types of jobs are also being created like manpower for taking care of plants, growing plants, preparing fertilizer, making plant pot with lucrative designs, and so on.

The challenges of starting a rooftop garden are many. It requires continuous effort from the gardener. Unplanned and random rooftop gardening cannot bear a good result in the long run. At the same time, most rooftop gardeners are lacked proper knowledge of gardening, selecting healthy plants, fertile soil, and so on. Expert and skilled agriculturalists can play a vital role in the maximization of urban agricultural development and rooftop gardening.  Agriculturalists can help a lot to promote and improve the quantity and quality of rooftop gardening. It should be kept in mind that rooftop gardening cannot give anyone much economic gain but the amount of natural closeness and recreation it provides is just priceless. Therefore, city dwellers should be encouraged to start rooftop gardening as much as possible for the betterment of our environment.