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Why not try cooking some slightly more authentic dishes with sesame oil. In this section, we show you special tips for using sesame oil for cooking.

1.Fried Food
Frying oil and salad oil are generally used for making fried food at home. But professional “Edomae (Edo-era type)” Tempura (Japanese fritters) chefs prefer to use sesame oil. The aroma of sesame seeds makes Tempura tastier. When making fried food at home, just adding 30% sesame oil to your frying oil makes the dish more fragrant. In addition, since sesame oil is comparatively difficult to oxidize, adding it to your frying oil prolongs not only the life of the frying oil, but also the palatability of your Tempura.

Tips for making good fried food
●Keep the oil at the correct temperature. For this, use plenty of oil, because it prevents the oil temperature from cooling down when adding ingredients, which makes the fried food crisp. Control oil quality due to adding new oil to the existing oil.

●Don’t put too many ingredients in the pot. To make fried food, keep half of the oil surface empty. If you put too many ingredients in the pot, they won’t become crispy because the temperature of the oil will drop.

●To make Tempura, put the ingredients in the pot as the following order: vegetables, seafood, meat, ingredients coated with bread crumbs, and seafood and meat without coatings. This helps maintain the cleanness of the frying oil.

2. Stir-frys
If you use sesame oil for stir-frys, the fragrant sesame aroma will stimulate your appetite.
●Adding sesame oil last further improves the aroma and flavor of the dish.
●Sprinkling sesame oil on the top of the dish makes for a more sophisticated flavor not only for Chinese food but also for Japanese food such as Japanese-style pasta.

3. Grilled Food
Using sesame oil for grilled food adds a glow to the food’s surface and improves the flavor greatly.
●Brushing sesame oil on the surface of slightly old dried fish makes it juicier when it is grilled.
●Adding a hint of sesame oil to beaten egg makes Japanese omelets fluffier.

4. Stewed Food
Adding sesame oil to stewed food makes the taste richer and deeper.
●Sauteing ingredients with sesame oil lightly before boiling maintains their firmness and makes their taste richer.
●Adding a hint of sesame oil to the water when boiling green vegetables makes the color more vivid.

5. Marinated Food
Marinating ingredients with sesame oil improves the rich and delicious flavor of the original taste.
●Just sprinkling sesame oil on top of tofu makes chilled tofu more flavorsome.
●You can make “Japanese capriccio” due to sprinkling sesame oil and soy sauce on top of Sashimi.
●Sesame dressing is very good with vitamin C-rich broccoli. Taking sesame seeds with vitamin C will promote the synthesis of the collagen necessary for producing beautiful skin. This combination is not only tasty but also good for your looks.

6. Others
There are still many more tips for using sesame oil.
●Adding a hint of sesame oil to rice when cooking adds a glow to the surface of the cooked rice and makes it juicer. When doing so, add 1 tablespoon of sesame oil to 2 to 3 cups of rice.
●Brushing sesame oil on the surface of left-over dried fish before freezing prevents it from drying and helps it keep better.
●You can make a nice dish due to just dressing lightly chilled wheat noodles with sesame oil and adding soy sauce and seasoning.

You can increase your cooking repertoire due to using tips like sprinkling heated sesame oil on the top of grilled fish to make a sizzling dish. You can even try to make your original sesame oil recipes using the taste, flavor and aroma of sesame oil!

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