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“Agric Planet” facilitates collaboration between international and domestic Agricultural Fresh & Dry Product Traders, Agricultural Farm Machineries Companies, Agricultural Product Processed Machineries Companies, Post-Harvest Packaging Companies, and also other relevant proprietors. Our ultimate aim is to lower the risk and cost of investing in agriculture and improve the speed of return to all stakeholders. Agric Planet helps establish a value chain through supplying Agricultural Field Machineries, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Trading and Packaging with environmentally friendly and biodegradable Jute Bags. Agric Plus network includes farmers, Traders, Farm Machine Companies, and Packagers, and even potential and experienced single vendors.

Agric Planet work is fully anchored within the national and continental activities to improve food and nutrition security and increase incomes in Agro-based economies. Agric Planet induces raising agricultural productivity, Environmental sustainable packaging for a better future, implementing modern technologies from field to processed units by increasing public and private investment.

Our vision to solve one of the biggest problems our world faces – cutting down food loss.

We do so by selecting quality fresh fruits and vegetables, using technology transforms quality farming and processes, making them objective, efficient, and less wasteful.
Our objective is saving not only costs but also providing Objectivity, Transparency, Traceability and Sustainability from the farm to the end consumer.

Agric Planet is headquartered in Dhaka and operates under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer who reports to its Chairman… A secretariat team based in Ghana and UAE provides services across Agric Planet’s member countries.