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The Champa Banana is an alternative to the Sabri Banana. These two Bananas can have different discussions. Sabri banana is almost completely round from the tip to the bottom. But the belly is a little higher than the roots of Champa banana. The Champa banana is slightly more yellow in colour than Sabri banana. Sabri banana tastes sweet, Champa banana tastes slightly sour.

It contains calcium 75 mg. Gr. Phosphorus 50 m. Gr. Iron 0.6 m. Gr. Vitamin-C, Vitamin-B complex – 8 mg. Total calories 116. Also water 60.1 mg. Meat 1.2 mg. 0.3 mg of fat. Mineral salts 0.8 mg. Fiber 0.4 mg. and sugar 6.2 mg. There. Which helps in providing a lot of energy to the body.



Champa Banana Nutrients:

Banana is called the Queen of fruits for its delicious taste and nutritional value. Banana is the main fruit in most countries of the world including Bangladesh. The nutritional value of Champa bananas is well known all over the world. This banana is one of the sources of energy. Because it contain – meat, water, various minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.), various vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin B complex, etc.), fiber, fat, sugars, etc. A 100 gram banana contains 116 grams of calories.


Ripe Champa banana is eaten as a fruit and raw banana is more or less known to be cooked. Basically, the yellow skin on the banana is peeled and the inner part is eaten. However, in the case of raw bananas, the inner part is eaten. Many regions also eat raw banana peels. Bhartas, koftas, chops, etc. are made with them. And the inner part of raw banana is cooked in different ways in the country and abroad. Fish curry, chop, bharta, etc. are more popular in Bangladesh. And the popularity of raw banana as a patient food goes without saying. However, ripe bananas do not go down either. It can be eaten as a fruit, as well as banana cakes, pies, desserts, ice creams are very popular. Not only in food, ripe bananas are used in various skin and hair treatments.

Benefits to keep the heart healthy

Many of us suffer from heart problems. It play an important role in keeping the heart healthy. Ripe bananas are rich in potassium, as well as some other active ingredients. Consequently, if you can eat 2-3 of a good banana every day, your heart will be healthy and active. Also helps reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. So if you want to keep the heart healthy and active, you should develop the habit of eating bananas regularly.

Benefits of Champa bananas in weight control

Many people think that eating bananas leads to weight gain. And so many people cut bananas from their diet to control their weight. But banana is a very nutritious fruit. From maintaining blood pressure to heart problems, bananas keep everything at bay. Ripe turmeric is also rich in antioxidants and has many health benefits.

Benefits of Champa bananas to keep kidneys healthy

Kidneys get sick due to various reasons. For example, 46 percent of kidney damage is due to nephritis, 36 percent is due to diabetes, and 11 percent is due to high blood pressure. Kidney disease can also be caused by various problems. There are many foods that are good for kidney health, one of them is ripe banana. That is, if you can eat good and clean ripe bananas for 1-2 in every day, this problem can be eliminated a lot. Because it contains a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, protein and other ingredients.

Benefits to meet water needs

Eating more oily and spicy food the night before has an effect on the next day as well. Bananas are rich in potassium which helps in curing this problem. Also, smoothies made with bananas and honey reduce nervous tension. For this reason, experts recommend eating banana smoothies to stay healthy.

Benefits of bananas to boost immunity against various diseases

Apart from the above benefits of Champa banana, it helps in boosting the immune system of various diseases. Ripe bananas help relieve constipation, help lower high blood pressure and prevent cell damage as well as prevent various cell diseases. Then understand, what is the quality of this little food that many of us neglect, do not eat regularly! Ripe bananas must be eaten by everyone, especially every boy and girl to keep the body healthy, strong, strong and fit.

Benefits of bananas for constipation problems

If the stomach is not clean, many problems appear in the body. For this reason, you should take care to keep your stomach clean after waking up in the morning. For those who have problems like ulcers, those suffering from constipation should eat one banana per day as a rule.

Benefits  for digestion

Banana plays a special role in food digestion. According to many medical experts, a good quality ripe banana contains some active ingredients that help in digestion. If someone has digestive problem or has any problem in digesting food then eat 1-2 ripe banana regularly, after some time you will see this problem is solved. However, it must be cleaned and washed well, so that no other problems arise. Start eating bananas daily to keep your body healthy.

Benefits  to reduce the risk of cancer

The benefits of bananas are very important in reducing the risk of cancer. Along with other foods, bananas also help reduce the risk of cancer. Some recent studies have shown that eating enough ripe bananas every day produces a type of compound called TNF-A, which is important for the body, which increases the body’s immune system and also increases the amount of white blood cells. And it greatly reduces the risk of blood cancer.

Benefits of bananas to keep the skin healthy and fresh

Banana contains about 70.1% water which helps in keeping the skin healthy, beautiful, fresh and soft. Many people get old skin marks at a young age, you can eat 1-2 banana, you will get good benefits.

Benefits of bananas in preventing stomach ulcers and heartburn

Ripe Champa bananas will be very beneficial for those who have stomach problems due to various reasons. In other words, eating ripe bananas keeps the stomach healthy and clean. Bananas also help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the stomach. So those who suffer from stomach ulcers? Or not getting relief from heartburn? They should eat bananas every day. Bananas maintain the pH level of the stomach by increasing the protective mucus layer, which will play a special role in keeping heartburn and stomach ulcers at bay.

Benefits of bananas to overcome anaemia

Many people are suffering from anaemia, so they can eat ripe bananas without going to the doctor in the initial stages. Because ripe banana plays a special role in eliminating anaemia. Iron deficiency causes anaemia and bananas are also rich in iron. Ironworks in the body to make blood cells and haemoglobin. That is, if you eat good and clean ripe bananas every day for 1-2 month, the problem of anaemia will be removed.




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