307 | Elephant Apple

Bengali Name : Chalta
English Name : Elephant Apple
Scientific Name : Dellenia indica
Origin : Bangladesh
MOQ : 30 Kg
Season : August-December



Elephant Apple is a tropical fruit

Dillenia indica (scientific name: Dillenia indica; English name: Elephant Apple). The results of the move are not very attractive. Chutneys and pickles are made from this fruit. The tree is also sometimes planted in gardens as an ornamental tree because of its beautiful appearance.


Elephant Apple is native to Southeast Asia. It grows in Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.


Thee tree is a mid-sized evergreen tree. This tree can be up to 15 meters in height. The plant has a shiny reddish bark. Leaf margins notched, veins high parallel. The white flowers look beautiful; It is fragrant. Flower diameter is 15-18 cm. The flower has numerous yellow stamens in the center surrounded by five stout petals; The bracts cling to the leaves. May-June is the flowering season of the year.

Useful part

Elephant Apple achar, chutney, sour dal called fruit sour are favorite food of many people. When ripe fruit is crushed and rubbed with salt and pepper, it is very tempting. In rural areas, this tree usually grows in the forest; Sometimes one or two trees are seen in the yard. The part of the fruit that is eaten is actually the part of the flower. The real fruit is hidden behind the veil. The fruit is like a bent tube; The seeds are embedded in eighteen sticky pods inside. Only the fleshy part is edible.

Season of Elephant Apple

It is a sweet and sour fruit or food in our country, hearing the name of Elephant Apple makes our mouths water,  Achar is very interesting, this is a favorite of many of us. This fruit is readily available and rich in nutrients but is very easily available in our country. The trees are usually medium size. Fruiting start in May & June,  and usually ripe in December-January. Many nutrient-dense fruits help us to prevent disease as well as play a role in meeting nutritional needs, and these nutrients have many medicinal properties, support the human body.

Sour fruit Elephant Apple pickle, chutney, sour dal is a favorite food of many people. When ripe people crush the fruit and rub with salt and pepper. It is quite tempting, in rural areas this tree usually grows in the forest. Sometimes we can see a couple of trees in the home yard in the village. People eat either the flower bud, or real fruit. The fruit is behind the bud.

Nutritional Value of Elephant Apple

Elephant Apple is very easily available but its nutritional value is not to be neglected at all, it contains vitamins and all useful minerals. Every 100 grams of fruit contains 59 kcal of food energy, 16 mg of calcium, 58 mg of vitamin C, 20 mg of vitamin A, 8 mg of meat, 14 mg of protein, 10 mg of mineral salts, 0.2 g of fat. It also contains many essential elements like magnesium, phosphorus, iron, beta-carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B, which benefit our body in many ways.

Protects teeth and gums

Elephant Apple has a lot of vitamin C which is very beneficial for the health of our teeth and gums, also chala is very effective in preventing mouth bacteria, chala plays a very important role in preventing our scabies disease.

It Cures Fever

Elephant Apple helps to cure fever and chest phlegm, raw Fruit juice mixed with sugar and water reduces fever, also this syrup helps to cure cough and those who have chest phlegm will get a lot of benefits by consuming it.

Helps to relief Constipation

Elephant Apple Relieves Constipation, As it is high in fiber, it helps us to get rid of constipation. So, Elephant Apple is very beneficial for those who have a difficult morning due to this problem, also removes indigestion and stomach problems. A patient of diarrheas’ can take the juice of the fruit to recover.

Heal Ulcers

Elephant Apple helps to heal ulcers, Elephant Apple is very beneficial for those who have stomach ulcers, it also kills the bacteria living in our intestines, it works great as an anti-helminth.

Exercise helps control cholesterol

The fruit is very beneficial in controlling the bad cholesterol in our blood, due to the control of bad cholesterol, our heart is good, also drinking turmeric juice and sugar in hot water keeps the blood clean.

Increased red blood cell count

Therefore, the iron present in Elephant Apple increases the production of red cells in our blood and keeps the blood circulation in order, so doing this fruit can get rid of such problems. It has special antioxidants that protect us from cervical and breast cancer.



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