309 | Guava(Summer)

Bengali Name : Peyara
English Name : Summer Guava
Scientific Name : Psidium guava
Origin : Bangladesh
MOQ : 50 Kg
Season : July-September



Origin of Guava(Summer)

Guava (Summer)  the genus Psidium. This genus have approximately a hundred and fifty species. ‘The genus Psidium guajava’ grown in our country. The starting place of guava is tropical America. Its prolonged swiftly from Peru to Mexico. Nowadays guava grown all around the tropics and subtropics. The predominant generating international locations are India, Mexico, Brazil, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Burma, Rhailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hawaii, Philippine, Florida.

Component of Guava(Summer)

Optimum developing temperature for guava is 23-28 °C., however the matures timber can tolerate as much as forty five°C. Guava is the predominant supply of diet C and Pectin. Guava includes moisture 80-83%;  decreasing sugar three.5-4. 45%, non-decreasing sugar three.97-5.23%, TSS 9.73-14.23; Potassium 0.48%, diet C 260mg in line with one hundred g of edible’ potion . However, vitamins contents rely on variety, season, adulthood etc. Guava may be eaten each as in inexperienced and ripe stages. Fresh culmination used as salad, pudding etc. Jam, jelly, juice, pickles, ice cream may be crafted from guava via processing. Tea may be crafted from leaves of guava.

Morphology of Guava(Summer)

Guava is the medium height (2 to 10m) timber with shallow roots. Flowers arises from the axils of the leaves both as solitary or in cymes (2-three flora in cluster). Flowering happening from 25-forty five days in the course of the manufacturing season. Flowers are hermaphrodite regularly pollinated with the aid of using air or insects. About 80-86% flora set culmination however eventually 50-60% culmination reached to adulthood as preliminary shredding of flora are usual. Unripe culmination are inexperienced in shadeation and grew to become in yellow while it ripe.

Varieties of Guava

In Bangladesh guava(peyara/pearah or goyaa) grows in abundantly in Barisal, Pirojpur, Jhalokathi, Chittagong districts which are the main guava(peyara/pearah or goyaa) producing areas. In Bangladesh the annual production is about 45,000 m.tons in an area of about 10,000 ha. Some varieties of guava(peyara/pearah or goyaa) grow in Bangladesh and they are known by the name of the places where these are grown commercially. Thus Swarupkathi is from Barisal, Mukundapuri from Brahmanbaria and Kanchannagar from Chittagong. Other varieties of guava(peyara/pearah or goyaa) in Bangladesh are BAU peyarah-1, BAU peyarah-2(Ranga), BAU peyarah-3(Chowdhury), BAU peyarah-4(Aapel). Bongabondhu Agricultural University invented IPSA peyarah-1, IPSA peyarah-2. Besides these there have also some other varieties, such as – Thai peyarah/Kazi peyarah, Poly peyarah, Angur peyarah etc.

Guava is a Medicinal Fruit

It is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A is very beneficial for eyes and hair. Try to eat this fruit from childhood. Vitamin C nourishes the skin of the whole body, keeping it away from many infectious diseases. This fruit protects against heat and cold related diseases. Guava contains carotenoids, which fight viral infections. Weakens diarrheal bacteria. Fights against toxins in the body to maintain youth. Guava also has beneficial friend vitamin B. This vitamin cures beriberi diseases, increases immunity. Sores at corners of mouth and lips, helps reduce nerve weakness. Guava peel contains fiber, which plays a significant role in digestion. Fiber rich foods and fruits are very useful for diabetic patients. But diabetic patients and obese people should eat less sweet guava. Some raw guava will bring benefits for them.

Different species of guava are found in different countries of the world. All guavas are beneficial.

Guava fruit is rich in nutrients and is very beneficial for dental problems. It is found everywhere in Bangladesh. It is known from its history that guava came to our country with the Portuguese from distant South America. Now it is considered as a native fruit.

Then know some of the properties of guava:-

  1. Guava relieves stomach pain.
  2. Guava has a special and effective role in toothache.
  3. Guava does not help to keep the gums strong.
  4. Guava is especially beneficial in indigestion. It is also very comfortable.

Need some caution for Guava

Guava reduces the amount of uric acid in the body. Increased uric acid in the body causes gout. So eat guava regularly. However, if you are suffering from kidney complications, you should eat any fruit or food according to the doctor’s advice. Many people cannot digest guava seeds. So if you have digestive problems, eat guava after removing the seeds. The nutritional value of this fruit is lost quickly. So it is better not to store it in the fridge.



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