405 | Himsagar Mango

Himsagar mango is a popular mango variety that originated in what is now Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. Himsagar is widely considered the best mango. Hisagaru’s interior is yellow to orange and contains no fibers. The fruits are of medium size, weighing 250-350 grams, about 77% of which is pulp. Excellent durability. Also known as Kirsapati. Himsagar ripens in May and continues in the market until the end of June. It is mainly grown in the Chapai-Nawabganj district of Bangladesh.



Himsagar Mango

Himsagar mango starts to ripen in the first week of June and are on the market throughout June. A full-sized hisagull has a rounded chest and concave or slightly rectangular sinuses with rounded tips. Ripe Himsagar mangoes are light green in color and retain their green color when ripe. The skin is smooth and thin. This kind of mango has no lips. Mango is very fragrant and delicious. Also, the skin is soft, fibrous and orange. We can store this Mango indoors for up to 8 days after picking. The fruit has an average weight of 219 grams and a maximum length of 6.89 centimeters. You can find this variety in Damulhuda upazila in Chuadanga district, Tara upazila in Mehhpur upazila, Sadar upazila, Devata upazila, Kalaroa upazila and Satkhira upazila. Himsagar is usually priced at Tk 80 to Tk 120 per kg.

Benefits of Mango

  • Mango helps in digestion.
  • It helps lowering risk of heart disease.
  • Mango flesh contains prebiotic dietary fibre.
  • Powerful antioxidant helps boost immunity system.
  • It helps feed good bacteria in the gut.
  • Mango helps improve vision, boosts overall eye health.
  • It also helps lowering cholesterol.
  • Mangoes are loaded with skin healing nutrients.
  • It also helps regulate the blood sugar levels.


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