205 | Onion Leaves

Bengali Name : Piyaj Koli
English Name : Onion Leaves
Scientific Name : Allium cepa
Origin : Bangladesh
MOQ : 30 Kg
Season : December-March


Onion Leaves are known worldwide

Onion Leaves or Onions are all plants of the Allium genus. Common onion refers to Allium capa. Farmers cultivateĀ  Onions worldwide. Shallot is a variety of onion that was known as a separate species until 2010. Garlic, Chinese onion etc. are close species of onion. The genus Allium also carries a variety of onion-like species, which are cultivated for food, such as Japanese bunching onion, tree onion, Canada onion, etc. China and India are the main onion producing countries in the world.

Morphology of Onion Leaves

Onions are biennial or perennial plants but are considered annuals and are harvested in the first growing year. Onion plants have hollow, bluish-green leaves, and the base of the plant forms a bulb when it gets enough daylight, called a bulb. Bulbs consist of short, compressed, underground stems surrounded by modified fleshy bracts.

Onion flower

Onion in India comes mostly from Nashik in Maharashtra. Apart from Maharashtra, onions are cultivated in South India, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat. Bangladesh also produces large quantities of onions

It is Medicinal Vegetable

One of the most famous vegetables in our country is onion sprouts. Any plant like onion has antibiotic properties. Onion sprouts contain natural antibacterial and antiviral properties that combine with vitamin C to help eliminate harmful microorganisms. This vegetable is full of nutrients but very tasty to eat. It is delicious to eat as well as has various medicinal properties. The ingredients present in onions work to prevent stomach, intestinal and urinary inflammation. Onion Leaves helps to stop bleeding and keep the wound free from infection.

Reduces the risk of cancer:

Onion ink is a great source of sulfur. And this sulfur is very beneficial for health. The type of allele salsify contains helps reduce the risk of cancer in the body.

Controls diabetes :

The sulfur present in the onion root controls the sugar levels in the body. Which is very beneficial for diabetic patients.

Aids in digestion:

There is no match of onion ink to enhance the flavor in cooking. It contains a lot of fiber which helps in digestion.

Helps to increase eyesight:

Carotene present in onion seeds helps to improve eyesight. It is rich in vitamin A-O which helps in keeping the eyes healthy.

Cure cold cough:

Onion ink is very useful to cure different types of flu, cold. It is effective in reducing colds and treating winter colds.

Controls urinary inflammation:

Onion contains anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties that help prevent stomach, intestinal and urinary inflammation.

Helps stop bleeding:

Onion Leaves helps to stop bleeding from various types of wounds and keep them free from infection.

Removes muscle and bone pain:

Lemon grass oil made from onion gives pain relief from headache, muscle and bone pain quickly as it contains pain-relieving properties.

Controls fever

People take Onion Leaves in foodĀ  to recover from fever. The fever gets control very quickly. Because it has anti-pyrotic properties.


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