317 | Pomelo

Bengali Name : Jambura
English Name : Pomelo
Scientific Name : Citrus Maxima
Origin : Bangladesh
MOQ : 100 Kg
Season : April-October



Pomelo is popular fruit of Bangladesh

Pomelo is a very famous fruit of Bangladesh. Generally, winter is the season of Pomelo. But now with the development of different varieties, Pomelo is now available throughout the year. Ripe juicy Pomelo with salt, pepper and mustard oil is a delight to eat.  Everyone loves to eat this delicious fruit. By reading this article we will know in detail about grapefruit and the benefits of Pomelo.

Before knowing about the benefits of grapefruit, let’s first know about Pomelo and its nutritional value.

What is Pomelo?

Pomelo  is the largest juicy citrus fruit of the Rutaceae family. It looks round, green and yellow on the outside. When the fruit is ripe, the inside is red and reddish white or pink. The English name of grapefruit is Pomelo or Pommelo or pumelo or Grapefruits. The scientific name of grapefruit is citrus maxima. Pomelo is also known as Batabi lemon. Also called Turunja in some areas. There are different varieties of grapefruit, so the taste also varies. Some taste sweet, some sour and some bitter.

Benefits of Pomelo

Pomelo is low in calories, low in sodium and has a good amount of vitamin C. There are also antioxidants, flavonoids, carotenoids, anti-inflammatory elements.

Let’s know all the benefits in detail.

Gastrointestinal problems

Pomelo is a fruit rich in vitamin C, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals. People who have problems with food digestion, because of which there is stomach pain for no reason, and they suffer from hollow stomach problems, they can reduce such problems by eating grapefruit regularly.

Keeps heart healthy

Grapefruit contains potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B. Research has shown that vitamin C has the ability to prevent heart disease, but it must be consumed regularly, avoid foods high in trans fats (soybean oil or deep-fried in sesame oil) and exercise.

To increase immunity

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and protects cells from free radicals. It destroys invading microbes and accelerates the process of phagocytosis. prevents various infections and respiratory problems.

 Prevention of equine disease

Pomelo contains dietary fiber. And fiber helps to maintain a good environment in the stomach, helps digestion of food, destroys intestinal bacteria and keeps good intestinal health. Eating less fiber-rich foods can cause constipation. And if there is constipation for a long time, it causes horse sickness. Fiber prevents this constipation.

To lose weight

People who want to lose weight have more low-calorie and high-fiber foods in their diet. Pomelo is a fruit that helps in weight loss.

Grapefruit helps prevent overeating by curbing hunger.

Keeps blood pressure normal

Foods rich in low sodium and high potassium play a special role in controlling high blood pressure. Potassium prevents vasodilation and dilates blood vessels, keeping blood pressure normal. Regular consumption of grapefruit juice in the morning keeps high blood pressure normal.

Eliminates aging

The beauty of the skin can be preserved by eating natural fruits regularly rather than artificial products. Because natural fruits contain various vitamins, minerals that meet our daily nutritional needs as well as ensure proper nutrition of other body parts. Grapefruit softens our skin and reduces skin wrinkles.

 Eliminates aging

The beauty of the skin can be preserved by eating natural fruits regularly rather than artificial products. Because natural fruits contain various vitamins, minerals that meet our daily nutritional needs as well as ensure proper nutrition of other body parts. Grapefruit softens our skin and reduces skin wrinkles.

 Prostate cancer prevention

Foods rich in bioflavonoids, phytochemicals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory elements should be eaten to destroy cancer cells and prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Grapefruit is not only prostate cancer, it also plays a role in the prevention of pancreatic cancer, lung cancer.

Gum care

The more bad bacteria in the mouth increases, the more the tooth and gum decay will increase. As grapefruit has antibacterial properties, it destroys bad bacteria in the mouth and strengthens the gums. Grapefruit is a juicy fruit, so eating it can cause tooth decay.

For hair

Beneficial ingredients for hair are foods rich in protein, vitamin C, collagen, vitamin B and antioxidants. Fruits are high in these nutrients. So those whose hair shine is decreasing, hair root is not strong, hair does not grow, they can eat grapefruit. But you have to take care of your hair in other ways as well.

To control diabetes

Sour fruits can be safely eaten by diabetics because they do not contain high sugar. Instead, the acid present in it keeps the blood sugar level under control. Grapefruit is also a low glycemic index fruit, which is not a problem for diabetics.

To heal wounds

Many people have the misconception that eating sour fruits slows wound healing. But it is an incredible fact that sour fruits and foods rich in vitamin C help wounds heal faster. These wounds can be surgical wounds, cuts, falls, etc. Acidic acid and vitamin C give very good results to heal any wound.

Liver detoxification

The germs that enter our body through food can damage the liver if it persists for a long time. As a result, there is a risk of liver damage. Grapefruit detoxifies the body by removing the harmful substances from the body. And the nutrients of grapefruit do this work through the liver.

Reduces high triglycerides

Pomelo increases the good cholesterol by controlling bad cholesterol LDL in the body. Grapefruit also plays an important role for those who have high triglycerides.

Repairs damaged tissue

Pomelo contains bioactive ingredients and flavonoids called rutin that increase collagen production and repair damaged skin cells. It also contains carotenoids and pectin which are beneficial for our hair, skin and eyes.

Reduces allergy problems

Some people develop allergic reactions when the immune system is weakened. This allergy is again of a slightly different type. For example: itchy throat after drinking cold water, cold all the time, cough and cold. These usually happen when immunity is reduced in many cases. Grapefruit boosts the immune system and thus reduces allergic problems.

Disadvantages of grapefruit

As Pomelo has many benefits, eating more than necessary can cause many problems.

1. Although grapefruit prevents allergies and benefits the skin, grapefruit causes more harm than good for those who have allergies. Eating Pomelo makes their skin red and itchy.

2. Those with gastric problems and acidity may experience gas and bloating if they overeat.

3. Since there is potassium in grapefruit and potassium keeps the kidneys healthy, potassium-rich foods are not very beneficial for those suffering from kidney disease.

Nutrient Value

Every 100 grams of edible lemons or Pomelo have a nutritional value :

38 kcal. 0.5 grams of protein.

Affection 0.3 gm.

8.5 grams of sugar.

Food grade 1 gram.

Thiamine 0.034 mg.

Mineral salt 0.20 g.

Riboflavin 0.027 mg.

Niacin 0.22 mg.

Vit. B2 0.04 mg.

Vitamin B6 0.036 mg.

Vit. C 105 ml grams.

Carotene 120 micrograms.

Iron 0.2 mg. Calcium 37 mg.

Magnesium 6 mg.

Manganese 0.017 mg.

Phosphorus 17 mg.

Potassium 216 mg.

Sodium 1 mg.

Grapefruit is a vitamin rich fruit. Its nutritional value is very high.


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